Planet, People and Prosperity

Creating sustainable positive impact

Sustainability for iAccess Partners

The culture of iAccess Partners is defined along the values of transparency, professionalism, entrepreneurship, humbleness and sustainability.


iAccess Partners defines sustainability by three objectives (3P). Planet: Protect the environment. People: Improve health and alleviation of poverty. Prosperity: Create equal opportunities.
Sustainability is incorporated into every organizational level of iAccess Partners. It guides our company, product offering and initiative involvement.

Long-term partnerships
iAccess Partners’ service offering is built on long-term investment horizons. Hence, iAccess Partners strives for lasting partnerships with all its stakeholders.

iAccess Partners systematically integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, alongside commercial and financial factors, into all its business activities. iAccess Partners firmly believes that this approach is in the best interest of its investors and other stakeholders.

iAccess Partners believes that a broadly-understood diversity is positively impacting all its stakeholders. Therefore, diversity is crucial for our decision-making ability and business success.

iAccess Parterns’ sustainable investment policy

The consideration of ESG factors in investment activities is a key enabler of value creation for all stakeholders. Sustainability is one of the selection criteria iAccess Partners has in place to source the best Private Equity funds for its investors.

iAccess Partners supports the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

iAccess Partners only collaborates with Private Equity firms that comply with the UN Principles of Responsible Investment:

Principle 1: We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.
Principle 2: We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.
Principle 3: We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.
Principle 4: We will promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry.
Principle 5: We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles.
Principle 6: We will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the Principles.

Walk the talk – together with iAccess Partners

iAccess Partners has partnerships with entrepreneurial non-profit organizations because it is convinced that generating profit should go hand in hand with charitable works. Together with iAccess Partners, you can do so as well.

iAccess Partners is all about the long-term success of all its stakeholders, which is achievable through the coexistence of planet, people and prosperity.

iAccess Partners grants access to organizations working to address a diverse set of challenging global issues. The interpersonal relationship between the organizations and iAccess Partners is at the heart of a successful partnership.

iAccess Partners together with its employees contribute their time to identifying, evaluating and funding high-impact projects, which address a diverse set of challenging global issues.

Partner organisations

The commitment to positively impacting the planet, people and prosperity is important to iAccess Partners.
Inform yourself and start your support directly on the respective organization’s webpage: