What you need to know about Private Equity

Key information on investing in Private Equity funds

How Private Equity works

Companies can be owned by families, business women and men, they can be listed on a public stock market or they are owned by a Private Equity fund. Private Equity is an investment into a company, which is not publicly traded, and hence has one focused entrepreneurial owner. Private Equity firms pool money from big institutional investors like pension funds or wealthy individuals into funds. With this pooled money Private Equity funds acquire multiple companies with the aim to be a focused and entrepreneurial owner of the company for a typical period of 5 to 8 years.

Once a company is acquired, the Private Equity fund ensures that an experienced board and management team is assigned. With this experienced team they work closely together on an entrepreneurial mid- to long-term value creation plan for the company, with the aim to finally selling it to a new owner who appreciates that lasting value has been created. Through iAccess Partners you can invest in Private Equity funds starting at a minimum of 25’000 Swiss Francs.